Old Philippines Must Watch Dramas

Have you ever heard the quote, Old is Gold? Well, that certainly is right. All these new Philippine content that are being launched are no offense, amazing. But there is something about those old Filipino Dramas that attracts the people and are still being watched. Despite of the fact that they are really old and in a black and white print, you will love to watch them all.

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List of Old Philippines Must Watch Dramas

This Philippine movie is old but is worth your 2 hours. Let’s have a look at what this movie is about.

Blessings of the Land ( 1959 )

Blessings of the Land is one of the most famous Dramas by Philippine’s television industry. It was released on 16th December 1959 and was a big hit at that time. People from all over the world still watch the blessings of the land. This Filipino movie was directed by Manuel Silos and was written by Celso Al Carunungun and Pablo Naval. This Philippine Drama is a family drama genre movie and was awarded for the best picture and best story from Filipino Dramas.

Must Watch Dramas

A blessing of the Land is an old Philippino movie about Maria and Jones. The new couple start their new married life in countryside orchard of Landzones. Soon, they have four kids named Arturo, Miguel, Lito and Angelita. They were happy in their lives until Bruno comes in. Burno is a widower and people are sure that Burno killed his own wife. Now, he wants to remarry Choleng who is the niece of Jose. Unfortunately, Choleng dies by falling from a cliff while she was trying to dodge Bruno.

After this incident, Bruno runs away to the mountains to avoid the villagers and Jose’s angry family. One day, he returns and rapes Jose’s daughter Angelita. Jose along with other villagers; decided to pursues Bruno but fails and gets shot.

After some time, Arturo moved to Manila. While Miguel (Jose’s another son) marries Gloria, a girl from the village. Arturo comes back to his village with women and convinced his mother to mortgage the farms.

A landowner of any town hires Bruno again to destroy the farm lands of Maria. But, the villagers and Maria’s family defeats Bruno and Miguel kills Bruno.

After some time, Arturo comes again and moves back with his family and they started living a happy life again.


  1. Rosa Rosal as Maria
  2. Tony Santos as Joes
  3. Carlos Padilla as Arturo
  4. Marita Zobel as Angelita
  5. Leroy Salvador as Miguel
  6. Carmencita Abad as Gloria
  7. Danilo Jurato as Lito
  8. Joseph de Cordova as Bruno

A blessing of the Land is Filipino movie that is still being watched by many people, despite of the fact that it is a very old Philippine release. You can watch this movie on Pinoy TV.

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