Ang Probinsyano Season 2 & Season 3

Three story angle of Ang Probinsyano Season 2 & Season 3 circular classes have been Probinsyano. First and second seasons of 1 book, September 28, 2015 and May 24, 2017. 2 books should be interested in re-opening, then opened on May 25, the authority of its third, 2017 is mentioned in the arrangements opened When the 3th book of big political future archives on the show, including the Philippines, President and Vice President.

  • Light plot
  • Circle Stresses / Drugs (Sports)
  • Season 1

First article: Probinsyano August (1 season)

Leone and record story from the record “Card” Twin Dominador “Let’s go” Dalisay (both played Coco Martin) because it is for money as a way of being arrested by the police because separated from each other Were stuck
I picked up Adora from her grandmother, Lola Verdue (Susan Roces). He joins pnpa near Jokken Tuazon (Arjo Atayde). Apart from his latest continuous in the foundation, he meets his friends and Carmen (in Bolda Padilla). Then graduated as valedictorian, in Adora Carmen knew Dominador “senior” to find out her purification after finding out De Leon, Junior (Battle of Andrei Navarro). I put Adora under these instructions and psychotherapy in this long term senior tester.In this pinoy lambingan drama the story turns certainly and hopefully, and this CIDG Manila Police turns into Parwan with a family as a support.

The city is in the heart of the mountains they love in rural Botolan, Zambales. When he grows Bestfriend’s Jennifer Gallen (Maja’s Rescue), really wants to subtly on. Captured and crossed two policemen, he was forced to join when he came.

In the meantime Adora also changed the life of those who are deceived by the assassination of the previous Jokken’s young trafficking cadre in consequential demand. I need to hide the Adora in the way he was killed in real life, with the role of Adora’s role in the director’s orders of the Magical Delfin Borja (Gym Fergusign) Card Hod and CIDG’s orders and their steadfast brothers moving forward. The mission is expected.

Capture is forced to confess his own goal to become a partner of his brother, the main part of his brother; it is Reunts who he hates, and his grandmother is to be left . Consider everything, after the end of his guard against him, his brother is individual to find.

Runtime’s voice of his self-esteemed families covering the occupation. Capture is re-deployed, and some of whom CIDG handle only different cases, type Tuoz’s protestors of criminally slaughtered.

Season 2

First article: August Probinsyano (Season 2)

THOMAS Tuazon (Albert Martinez), Jokken Daddy, and Syndicate Developer were a Capture Fighter leader. Thomas’ father in law, Thought Thomas develops tired of picking lotions and does not take it for the occasions but capture preparations against THOMAS: wearing Emilyo Syquia (Eddie Garcia). Thomas finally captured Dunk developer, and therefore, he says. To fulfill and manage Jokken, Emileo recommends taking possession of medicines for illegal custody. While most of the security forces, and capturing Tomas to engage in clashes, whichever maintains that even when capturing a captive which occupies Thomas German slaughter law in the first Emily’s sister. Thomas Chains kills, as he tries to escape.

Ang Probinsyano Season 2

Ang Probinsyano Season 2

After Tomas’s agency for writing the Mayor, Joke General Rogelio and Jacob (Reed Cage) weapons is significantly more transit leader Gulermo Dara Acosta (Dindo Arroyo). Under these circumstances, the economic situation, it is better to have Acosta’s life of Dara Cardo’s bonds. This determines innocence to determine out. And who lived in her curriculum, who kept the cadetate that is pursueing the template. In addition to this, Ramil’s “Administrator” Taduran, and Julian Valerio (Julio Diaz), joined the chains of the use of Miguel’s name (Michael outside the country), among the customers of the “director” of the Roman “Director” According to the developer, what works for the city (Ronny Lazaro) can bring a joke to a mate.

Another reason for the association is keeping more than their families: they are numerous associations, and to give the strength, strength, and strength between the magistrate. The occupation of the occupation, your friends will be like the guardian of those around him, and in charge of reading families, with special care on Ador would like to be.
Emilio was arrested for the murder and sentenced to the main occupation father, SPO4 Paul BD Leon (from Tonton Gutierrez). Capture and text link bring massage partners and the net, and after revealing weapons, they demonstrate the main purely violations of Jokken. Colonel Roy Carreon has worked for trick joke, involved in announcing the evolution announcement (Acuna property) occupation. This Saturn killer reaches Adora in Joaqnin, and driving from human and drugs.

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